Outlook Program not responding

Methods to fix Outlook not responding

Suppose you’re working with Outlook very smoothly and suddenly after some time you see a message saying “Outlook is not Responding” and the screen in front you freeze or in general words we can say hangs, now you cannot perform any activity on your system. Neither your mouse is working nor keyboard.

The first thing arises in our mind is why did this occur. What’s the reason behind it? There can be a number of reasons for “Outlook doesn’t respond” some are mentioned below:

  • If the version of Outlook you are using is outdated or no more in use, hence your Outlook isn’t responding in this case you need to update the version of Outlook you are using.
  • If your mailbox consists of a large number of messages and there is no space for new messages to enter this also leads to Outlook not responding. To resolve this, you need to block spam messages so that they don’t fill your inbox if you are a business person and you receive lots of mail then set your mailbox on optimization so that, the timely old message gets removed and space for new mail is a maid.
  • If your user profile is not set properly, which means your registry profile is messed up, this also leads to Outlook not responding error, to resolve this you should complete the profile registry process in a proper manner.
  • If your Microsoft office is corrupted it also leads to Outlook not responding error. As the Outlook is the part of office program. To resolve this issue, Follow step 5 in the same article.
  • If your Outlook data file is somehow corrupted this also leads to Outlook not responding issue. To resolve, follow step6 below in this article.
  • When on the same server or same system Outlook is being used for several processes, this may also lead to the issue as the Outlook may take the time to decide on which process it should work first.
  • Sometimes Outlook not responding error may also occur when your Outlook is not installed properly.
  • Sometimes the antivirus installed on your PC is not compatible with Outlook version this may lead to the issue, here you need to install some compatible antivirus on your PC.
  • For better uses of Outlook, we install some adding s, they may also create conflict and lead to the error.

 Fixation of Outlook not responding case: –

Step1: – is your Outlook not responding due to the presence of lots of dialog box on screen?

Sometimes outlook asks for lots of confirmation, due to which a large number of tabs open on the screen and at one time your Outlook freezes and you cannot dismiss the opened tabs. You can get rid of this situation by pressing alt+tab keys. Pressing these keys will help you to switch from one window to another and take a glance of the dialog boxes which may be stopping Outlook from responding.

If there is no dialog box opened move to the next step.

Step2: – is you Outlook working on the large or long process.

Sometimes if you try to delete, move or perform any operation on a large number of messages at once. Then Outlook seems to be hanged, but in reality, the system is processing behind the scenes. Look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen, if the Outlook is performing some operation on the messages, then don’t panic and wait for the process to be completed, after the process is completed the Outlook again starts to work.

If Outlook is free and not working, not large process, then move further on to the next step.

Step 3: – start Outlook in safe mode: –

While using Outlook if you are left with a screen saying “processing”. You can escape it by starting it in safe mode, and then close it again and open it normally to fix the problem. The steps to perform it are: –

  1. Close outlook by pressing alt+F4 or by pressing alt+ shift+ Esc
  2. Now introduce Outlook in safe mode by performing the following steps:
  • Press window key+R.
  • Type exe/safe.
  • Now press OK button present at the bottom.
  • In choose profile pop-up menu choose the desired profile.
  • Click OK button now.
  1. Again close Outlook by hitting on X present at the top right corner.
  2. And now open it normally.

If by following the above steps the Outlook not responding issues does not resolve of then, you can continue to the next step

Step4: – Try to solve it by installing the latest window and office updates: –

If even after following the third step the issue prevails, your Outlook still hangs after sometimes then we recommend you to set your windows to automatic updates and install recommended updates.

  • To install the latest windows and office update, click here

If the installation of latest window updates also does not solve the issue, move on to the next step.

Step 5: – Try to solve it by repairing your office program.

If you already have latest window or office program updated, then the Outlook not responding error can be solved by repairing your office program. Errors in office programs can also be repaired automatically. Most of the times.

Steps to repair office program are: –

  1. Quit all the running office programs at that moment.
  2. Press windows+R key from the keyboard, in the dialog box type control panel
  3. Then click OK.
  4. In control panel, select programs and features.
  5. In the list of installed programs, right-click on office 2016, and select Change.

If this also does not solve your issue of Outlook not responding, then try the next step.

Step6: -Try to repair Outlook data files.

When your Outlook freezes, this problem can also be solved by repairing your Outlook data file.

Many of you may not know that when you install office, a tool to repair your inbox is also installed i.e. SCANSPST.EXE. this inbox repairing tool can resolve your issues by scanning your Outlook data files and repairing errors.

You can find SCANPST.EXE in your PC itself. To locate it go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14

If repairing your Outlook data file also does not resolve your issue move on to the next and the final step.

Step7: – lastly you can try to resolve the problem by creating new user profile: –

After trying all the previous mentioned steps if the problem Outlook not responding is not solved. The last option left to you is creating a new user profile. As your profile is the place which stores a variety of settings that control the Outlook look and feel. By doing this you can create new profile and your email account to this profile.

A new profile can be created by following a number of steps.

  • Close the hanged Outlook.
  • Press windows+R key together
  • When the Run dialog box opens, type control panel
  • And press OK
  • In control panel choose user account.
  • Select mail option
  • Then click on option show profile
  • In show profile tab, select Add
  • The profile name box appears, type the desired profile name and press
  • Enter the email address and password that you want to use in Outlook, now follow the steps to create the profile
  • Once you are done with creating the account.
  • Then Prompt for a profile to be used in Show Profile dialog box.
  • Lastly, start Outlook and choose your new profile.

 If this step solves your issue, then return back to Show Profile option and delete your previous Profile.                                              

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