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Amazon Video Pin +1-888-890-2637 Support by IT Cobra 0

Create/Reset Amazon Video PIN

Amazon Pin code is a kind of security of your Amazon account. This helps you to by Pass your Parent controls and allows you to make purchases in Amazon Channel from your tv. This...

Amazon Instant Video on Roku, +1-888-890-2637 Support by IT Cobra 1

Activate Amazon Video on Roku

Amazon Instant Video is one of the most popular channels on Roku for accessing free movies. Amazon Video Subscription gives you unlimited access to its latest & popular movies, tv shows, and music. Moreover,...

Add New Channels in Roku +1-888-890-2637 0

Add a New Channel in Roku

The numbers of channels in Roku are increasing the time to time. Now Roku has more than 2500 channels. Believe it or not but this is the fact. This big number also means you...

Roku Remote not working +1-888-890-2637 ITCOBRA 0

Roku Remote Not Working?

Many people are facing this problem that Roku remote is not working or not responding. When any one face such kind of problem the first thing comes to the mind is let’s change the...

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