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Use SD Card in Kindle Fire 0

Use SD Card in Kindle Fire

Micro Secure Digital card is an external chip, which is used to store data in any format. It can either be audio, video, text, pictures or any other format. We can insert our Micro...

Fix Frozen Kindle, +1-888-890-2637 Support by IT Cobra 0

How to Fix Frozen Kindle?

Kindle is an e-book reader which permits you to read and enjoy your favorite content without any concern. But like most of the other electronic devices, there is also a chance of meeting the...


Parental Control on Kindle

You can lock your Kindle device by turning on the Parental Control. Allowing the Parental Control on your Fire Tablet will restrict access to a variety of things like- web browsing, social sharing, camera,...

Kindle Battery not Charging, +1-888-890-2637 Support by ITCobra 0

Kindle Battery not Charging

Kindle is an E-book reader whose library consist of plenty of books for the readers of diverse taste. Think of a situation while you are reading a book on Kindle, unexpectedly someone calls you...

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